Diagnostic devices

We will design, develop and produce specific mechatronic systems for scientific and diagnostic purposes based on automation and robotics.

Make your diagnostic work more efficient and objectivize it. Enable the use of statistic processing and data acquisitions for achieving higher goals. We will help you to step from “what if?” to diagnostic devices.

We are specialized in two fields of diagnostic devices. The first category of devices facilitates and objectivizes medical diagnosis.

The second category marks system and device diagnostics.

Diagnostics brings improvements to systems and devices, reveals elements and parts that cause repetitive failures, points out deficiencies in manufacturing processes. It helps to make recommendations for changes in technological processes. Equally the results of the defect analysis are also used in terms of adjusting the working conditions in which the device operates.

Sample implementation:

BATTEST24V – compact meter of accumulator condition and expected service life

Project goal – device for defining the age and condition of electrochemical accumulators

BATTEST24V is an advanced hand device for the diagnosis of rechargeable batteries up to 24V. Unlike other testers that measure only the static properties of the accumulators, BATTEST24V can measure the accumulator´s internal resistance based on dynamic changes in the accumulator´s properties. The device diagnosing the service life of chemical accumulators up to 24V batteries works on the principle of monitoring dynamic changes of accumulators properties. The tester doesn´t damage the accumulator and its display shows a big range of diagnostic data.