Sunflower – device designed for extracting solar energy

Sunflower is a device that can extract energy from the largest thermonuclear reactor in our Solar System, from the Sun itself. The Sunflower itself is able to find the area of the highest luminous intensity and, from this point on, to monitor this light source to the extent given by its design possibilities.

To obtain electric power, it uses photovoltaic cells and their perpendicular rotation towards sunlight. The electricity obtained in this way is being stored in chemical cells for further usage.

The device is particularly suited for such areas where there isn´t enough energy available, or for places where end-users want to access energy obtaining with regard to the environment.

Project goal – maximizing the performance of photovoltaic cells

An important innovation is a special shaft that leads to a solar collector panel and transmits 2 independent moments, to control the horizontal and vertical tilt in the vertical. This economical system is mechanically durable, budget-wise and functionally reliable. It doesn´t require complicated maintenance and reduces the space needed for installation.