For our team we look for personalities who are not afraid of challenges and want to realise their own ideas, dreams and visions.

Mechatronics, cybernetics, robotics, automation. We solve development and production of new devices, systems and technologies. Do you want to be a member of our team which can, working together, overcome recent technological conceptions?

In our company all of us work as one team but each one possesses plenty of free choice of what to work on.

To feel your work has a MEANING and to feel JOY?

The meaningful work is the main motivation for everyone. Everyone knows what we do, when and why we want to do it. Because we ourselves choose our tasks, we feel motivated and that´s the source of our joy of the work.


Each one is unique and can excel in various fields. In our team everyone has a choice to fully use the capacity of his/her strong points and to do what one WANTS to improve in. Work should be both satisfaction and hobby. Work should make us grow and fulfil our lives! In our team this is our reality!

Do you want to be involved in meaningful job too? Do you want to feel free in your job and be yourself? Do you want to feel happy because you do what you do, you enjoy it and feel self-realized? If yes… we have great news for you!

Do you have a feeling that you are not a suitable candidate for the job position? IT DOESN´T MATTER! Contact us anyway and tell us what you like doing, what you are good at and why it would be great to have you in our team. We can try to come up with a job especially for you.