Speacialized control system devices

We design, develop and implement specialized control systems based on programmable automatic machines or computers.

We provide complete development of turnkey control systems for our new or current technologies and machines.

We are specialized in non-standard applications in which usage of conventional procedures and systems doesn´t bring right outcomes. We carry out the control systems according to your wishes. We can create and debug intuitive Human Interface Device (HID).

Our systems for machine control and information transmission in the machines work with mathematical apparatus, they learn while interacting with the users and optimize the processes as they deal with their own diagnostics.

For us the challenge and joy at the same time are the control systems made especially for brand new technologies. We can implement control systems for existing machines as well as for those of higher demands or for only a part of some technology.

We design the electronics in balance with both world and regional directive in areas of safe and reliable electronics, same way as in social and economic areas.

The development and production of control systems is accelerated by the experience gained in the area of computer-to-computer communications, microcontroller and microcontroller communications, human interaction and machine interaction.

We have designed, produced and installed devices for outdoor usage, for industrial, household or any other fields of usage as well.

Sample implementation:

Evolution Development Kit

Project goal – a development kit for easy construction automated, robotic and sensory systems

Our Evolution Development Kit stands for a modular system of components designed for construction of small, middle and big automated, mechatronic and robotic systems. Another areas of further application include navigation and positioning systems, smart buildings, remote switching, automated boiler rooms, security systems, accumulator management, model control, energy plantations, sensor systems, bio-potential measurements … All those things, and much more applications, you can get thanks to our Evolution Development Kit  (DKE – Development Kit Evolution) which represents an evolution of thinking and approaches to life comfort.