Specialized electronics solutions

We design, develop and produce your customized and specialized electronic device both for industrial usage or extreme conditions.

We design, develop and produce specialized electronic devices, at the same time we offer complex solutions for domestic and industrial environments – up to extreme operating conditions of underground, underwater, freezing poles locations as well as desert heat ones. The devices we carry out since its printed circuit design, through FW programming and wireless transmission till its application in personal or mobile computer.

In case you need a really unconventional electronic solution which is designed for a specific environment, we can provide you with cooperation in its project development and implementation according to your wishes – as a commissioned work.

We start the project with consultation regarding the circuit solutions, carry on with designing the printed circuits and the mechatronic designs. Next we can offer you production of the prototype, development of the firmware and web or phone applications.

We design the electronics in balance with both world and regional directive in areas of safe and reliable electronics, same way as in social and economic areas.

Sample implementation:

ESSKEY System of electronic keys´ organization and keys´ location monitoring

Project goal – Managing, protecting, and sharing a large number of keys

We have developed the ESSKEY system for electronic organization and keys´ monitoring for administration buildings, hotels, compounds and for any places where you need to keep track of large number of your keys, same ways as you need to manage them.  In its advanced setting this device works as an electronic security system which guards not only the keys but their surroundings and their booking system too. It serves as an automatic watch of permanent borrowings.