Complex mechatronic systems solutions

We design, develop and carry out complex solutions for single-purpose machines, sophisticated automation tasks and robotic systems.

Wherever you need accurate and reliable motion just use our mechatronic systems. We deal with complete and innovative solutions of complex mechatronic systems in which we combine techniques of accurate machine engineering, procedure theories, computer science and electronics in the project design in such a way to create better working products of higher adaptability.

For us it´s a challenge and joy at the same time to be carrying out such devices or systems which can´t be assembled by using ordinary, on the market available components or which are not made by the generally estimated way of usage. We produce mechatronic devices since the very start which allows us to optimize the resulting system in a very high way. We don´t deal with module limits as we create our own modules.

We will develop a complex automated or robotic solution which you can use to automate and implement processes in all fields of usage:  industries, health, the army, hobby and domestic applications.

Sample Implementation:

Tiltable platform with camera system for animal movement measurement

Cíl projektu – vytvoření originální konstrukce mechatronického systému

In order to investigate the process of capturing and processing stimuli acting on the body of animals, we developed a special tiltable platform of smaller dimensions, which serves to measure the movements of bodies of small animals. Our research implementation works with 3 cameras, 3 actuators, 3D motion rotary control and image processing software and kinematics and motion dynamics control.