Experimental and exploratory machines

We design, develop and produce new technologies or single-purpose machines which, with foundation in automation and robotics, help to carry out researches.

New researches often require new scientific approaches, more objective empiric methods, repeatable and verifiable procedures as well as nonstop development of new technologies – we develop specialized scientific equipment which hasn´t had any available solutions so far.

We enter the game when no solution is available to help you achieve your goals. When commercial tools are not available or when they are unsuitable for your unique research assignments. Do you need a dedicated machine or a device built on automation and robotics?

We will support your research through a combination of scientific practices and creative engineering. We offer you a multidisciplinary knowledge that allows you to evaluate needs and design an efficient solution.

This process is highly iterative and requires dialogue between us and your future operators to work directly on designing and testing the new devices with us.

Sample Implementation:

Dynamometer for measuring muscle spasticity

The dynamometer can measure the angular velocities and the moment of muscle spasticity accurately, primarily in the joints of upper and lower limbs. The apparatus is formed by the Evolution Development kits and its core creates AHMI data processing software.

Investigational methods used in clinical practice are currently generally based on the subjective medical report done by an examining specialist who assesses passive muscle resistance based on a passive isokinetic stretching. The subsequent assessment of the seriousness of the disease is executed and based on the assignment of scale points. Consequently, depending on the results the following process of rehabilitation and the medical report is evaluated.