About Us

Our Story

We are an all-embracing team of a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills which perceives the development of new machines, systems and technologies as a challenge.

Optimal way from a vision to realisation

We develop our own technologies, we produce original machines and devices working on automation and robotization principles.  We create innovative product which will meet your needs – thanks to our diverse team featuring completeness and enormous scale of knowledge and experiences.

The development brings complex challenges – those are hard to manage by an individual only, the same way they are difficult to manage straightforwardly. Only a very versatile team can manage them. We are a creative collective sharing the same values. Our team contains of strong, competent and imaginative personalities. We enjoy freedom of thinking which doesn´t put any obstacles in our ways.

While developing new technologies our long term knowledge allows us increase efficiency of all processes in aspects of time and expenses. We will design a printed circuit, chassis, Android application as well as mechatronic device.

That´s why we can carry out your ideas though you yourself can perceive them unrealizable.

We cooperate with:

With ČVUT Biomechanics and Prosthetics Laboratory  which has been dealing with research in biomechanics and prosthetics areas, most of all focusing on kinematics, motion dynamics and designing of new electronic systems for measuring and assessing human and animal motion.

With an architectonic studio which is specialized in architectonic model´s production mainly for project offices, construction companies, developers, museums but for students and others too.

Our vision

We develop the modern technologies with such a vision of helping to solve everyday problems, overcoming obstacles and making our lives better.

Modern technologies with such a vision of helping

Life is constantly putting various obstacles in the way. We can do both, turn way and walk back or overcome then for once. Every obstacle we perceive like a complex challenge after its defeating the life will be a bit better and easier again.

Can you imagine a world that can handle any problem? A world that solves any human weakness or injuries? A world which, thanks to new technologies, doesn´t know any limits?

We can.

Development is what moves us from a nucleon acid towards homo sapiens sapiens. It gives us technologies supporting our life. Technologies which fulfil our animal needs and protect our vulnerable bodies as well.

For those visions and motivations we can think in a way other can´t. We are happy when development of new, more functional technologies deals with concrete problems.

Wherever others need expert help we start having fun!


We enjoy modern technologies. This allows us to fulfil our mission which is making the world healthier, purer, safer and better.

Life is development

We enjoy living.

Our mission is to enable our clients using our technologies to make world healthier, purer and safer. We help to accelerate the researches, to help difficult analytics tasks, to improve diagnostics and to move closer to a world without any limits.

Everything we can create is a mission for us – to meet our goals , we consist of an extraordinary team combining talents and experiences.

Our determination leads to innovative technologies that help our clients to solve some of the most emergency appeals of today´s society including treating illnesses, positive approach to our environment and securing safety.

Only identifying with those goals lets us realize so far new visions, thanks to new innovative designs, engineering and production.


Our values indicate who we are. Values influence the way we think about development of new technologies and the way of serving our customers and humanity the best possible way as well.

Innovation, enthusiasm, functionallity

Our values determine who we are, what we do and how we do it. They affect our team cooperation, how we serve our clients and most of all our values motivate us to develop such technologies which move humanity forward and make the life easier.

1. Inovation

JWe are brave and inventive. We cultivate opportunities of solving complex issues and bringing breakthrough outcomes in the new technologies. We apply our creativity in all aspects of the development, products, services and processes which we supply our clients with.

2. Integrity

Honesty and respect are our success foundations. We appreciate frankness, openness in the way we communicate and work.

3. Enthusiasm

Our team is energetic and enthusiastic. What we do is our passion and accomplishing the best results is our commitment.

4. Teamwork

For our Prokyber company we hire only the best ones. We create such a team culture which supports innovative and strategic way of thinking, services and constant improvement.

5. Cooperation

Together we learn and share our skills and resources. We support each other to achieve right outcomes for our clients and the whole society as well.

The Development Cycle

You have a vision but you don’t know the process of the new technology implementation? You can go through the development cycle for your further insight into procedures based on the ISO/IEC 12207 norm.

The general development cycle of any device – from its preliminary analysis to its operation – takes usually several weeks, months and years. While cooperating with us you can expect 6 development stages.

Developing with us is always enriching. For you we have divided the development into individual stages which represent particular or consequential packages. With us you can realise your whole development or just a part of it.

Proceeding from the ISO/IEC12207 norm we can collaborate with other subjects of the same specialization.

Each stage of the development you buy individually, each one consists of relevant useful outcomes and conclusion.

The entire documentation, process of designing both the development and production are available in real time and they are also available in project interface Redmine, see rm.prokyber.cz.

1. Preliminary analysis

We approach the goals specification as you fill them in via our questionnaire.

2. Feasibility study

This step stands for a techno-economic research describing, from various critical aspect of the implementation, its development intention. The aim of this step is to evaluate all alternative processes in terms of implementation and to access the feasibility of the development itself. Another point is to provide all materials for the final decision regarding the beginning of the development.

3. Designing and Development

Designing and development take place within two stages.

 Global analysis and draft

  • Specification of the basic demands, dividing into subsystems and defining the subprojects
  • Model draft, its functions and data for each subsystem, draft of system interface
  • Complete specification of all main functions and data demands, attempts of finding related needs
  • Defining priorities of all demands, system structure
  • Starting point: goals of IS/IT organization and approved development plan

Detailed analysing and designing

  • Analysis, demands definition, designing the systems till such a level which allows the very start of implementing the designed system
  • Specifying the functions, demands and models coming from previous global analysis and drafts
  • Detailed draft related to the technology architecture, data base, system output and structure of organization.
  • System prototype option (e. g. UI)
  • Definig the data regarded to the implementation
  • Essential examination of the prototype
4. Functional sample


  • We create functional system which implements the designed drafts from previous stages.
  • We implement all stated demands.
  • We test faultless functioning.
  • We create user, operational and work documentation.


  • We create the tests.
  • While testing we address the product´s quality.
5. Serial production and installation

We provide repeated, small-scale or larger productions. We also provide the installation of the program equipment, start the trial operation, train the staff and provide initial support for fluent transition into full operation.

6. Operation, maintenance, support

We provide operation of the system, its maintenance and development. We monitor our systems and carry out their optimizations.