Evolution Development Kit

Our Evolution Development Kit stands for a modular system of components designed for construction of small, middle and big automated, mechatronic and robotic systems.

Another areas of further application include navigation and positioning systems, smart buildings, remote switching, automated boiler rooms, security systems, accumulator management, model control, energy plantations, sensor systems, bio-potential measurements … All those things, and much more applications, you can get thanks to our Evolution Development Kit  (DKE – Development Kit Evolution) which represents an evolution of thinking and approaches to life comfort.

Project goal – a development kit for easy construction automated, robotic and sensory systems

The kit is adapted for reliable and simple use not requiring any advanced knowledge of programming or circuit theory. Its advantage is compatibility of individual parts, quick installation, modularity, extensibility, electronic and mechanic endurance.

DEK combines the strict industrial standards together with its simple modular design. The kit uses  Plug and Play technology and has SW support in mobile platforms Android and personal computers OS Linux and Windows..