Our Offer

We design, develop and produce your customized and specialized electronic device both for industrial usage or extreme conditions.

1. Specialized Electronic Solutions

We design, develop and produce specialized electronic devices, at the same time we offer complex solutions for domestic and industrial environments – up to extreme operating conditions of underground, underwater, freezing poles locations as well as desert heat ones. The devices we carry out since its printed circuit design, through FW programming and wireless transmission till its application in personal or mobile computer.

Sample implementation:

ESSKEY System of electronic key organization and key location monitoring

2. Control systems for specialized devices

We provide complete development of turnkey control systems for our new or current technologies and machines. We are specialized in non-standard applications in which usage of conventional procedures and systems doesn´t bring right outcomes. We carry out the control systems according to your wishes. We can create and debug intuitive Human Interface Device (HID).

Ukázková realizace:

Evolution Development Kit

3. Complex solution of mechatronic systems

Wherever you need accurate and reliable motion just use our mechatronic systems. We deal with complete and innovative solutions of complex mechatronic systems in which we combine techniques of accurate machine engineering, procedure theories, computer science and electronics in the project design in such a way to create better working products of higher adaptability.

Sample Implementation:

Tiltable platform with camera system for animal motion measurement

4. Experimental and exploratory machines

New researches often require new scientific approaches, more objective empiric methods, repeatable and verifiable procedures as well as nonstop development of new technologies – we develop specialized scientific equipment which hasn´t had available solutions so far.

Sample implementation:

Tiltable platform with camera system for animal movement measurement

5. Smart electronic sensors

We develop the electronics and sensors since the first layout and simulations, through printed circuits boards till fitting, installation and starting up. We are ready to bring completely new electronic devices to life fully according to your needs. Smart Sensors are typical for their circuits for proceeding, analysis and signal unification in their compact design with integrated or exchangeable sensitive part of the sensor.

Sample implementation:

Robotic arm sensory system of upper limb prosthesis

6. Diagnostic devices

Make your diagnostic work more efficient and objectivize it. Enable the use of statistic processing and data acquisitions for achieving higher goals. We will help you to step from “what if?” to diagnostic devices.

We are specialized in two fields of diagnostic devices. The first category of devices facilitates and objectivizes medical diagnosis.  

Sample implementation:

BATTEST24V – compact meter of accumulator condition and expected service life