Smart electronic sensors

We design, develop and produce any electronic device or sensor, from the printed circuit board to the application on a personal or mobile computer.

We develop the electronics and sensors since the first layout and simulations, through printed circuits boards till fitting, installation and starting up. We are ready to bring completely new electronic devices to life fully according to your needs.

Smart Sensors are typical for their circuits for proceeding, analysis and signal unification in their compact design with integrated or exchangeable sensitive part of the sensor.

We deal with customized electronics and sensor development for various areas – industry, science, diagnostics, hobby applications etc. We design and produce the electrical equipment in the form of PCB,  a boxe with necessary coverage, input and output interface, power control circuits, diagnostics circuits, calibration, monitoring…

We provide complex services not only in the designing of specific sensors but also in data collection and their subsequent processing.

Do you want to know how we create such smart sensors? Have a look at the development process.

Sample implementation:

Robotic arm sensory system of upper limb prosthesis

The project goal – To advance the development of intelligent exoprosthetic supplements.

Robotic arm sensory system brings hope for full-featured life even to physically challenged individuals. At the same time it opens area of the economic growth in terms of biomedicine engineering. Complex of many sensors – proximity, temperature, humidity, CO2 , sensors indicating electromagnetic field, gyroscope, accentometer,  strain gauge – creates all together a system which allows the robotic arm to transmit relevant information about happenings in its surrounding.