ESSKEY System of electronic keys´ organization and keys´ location monitoring

We have developed the ESSKEY system for electronic organization and keys´ monitoring for administration buildings, hotels, compounds and for any places where you need to keep track of large number of your keys, same ways as you need to manage them.  In its advanced setting this device works as an electronic security system which guards not only the keys but their surroundings and their booking system too. It serves as an automatic watch of permanent borrowings.

Project goal – Managing, protecting, and sharing a large number of keys

ESSKEY electronic organizer uses a sophisticated system of key-chains together with a dock cases. Each key is using a steel ring which connects it with a smart key-chain. This key-chain consists of USB connector and micro-computer. 

The key-chain is, together with the key, stored in the doc case. Each keys-chain is equipped with light indication signalising the selected key and current state of its borrowing. Access to the doc case is secured by an authentication terminal which enables usage of a keyboard or RFID technology. The doc case is also equipped with a touch screen for the keys´ management, users and borrowings. In ESSKEY you can define user´s accesses to the keys and track individual borrowings through a remote server. All the doc cases are mutually synchronized and the user always knows where the key is located.